Mario Super Run 

While downloading the app I was nervous, excited ! Finally I would play MARIO after those long years. Yes ! More than 20 years later. Mario is awesome in my opinion. Here it goes the anxiety: 

Since I woke up I started checking whether it was available or not. Or not ! Never could I download ! I had to wait for such long hours. Then started playing . 

Invited everyone . Even received a friendship request.

However, the bottom line is: I couldn’t play with my friend. Besides, I simply finished the game in two hours. 
Is the home worth playing ? Yes ! It is wonderful ! Amazing ! Is it worth the money ? If you are a Mario fan , yes ! Every penny ! 


Mario fan ? Buy it ! It is fast to finish.

No a fan ? Waste of money ! Won’t find it entertaining.




First of all I would like to say: my blog isn’t huge! I know ! And second of all: Spotify has millions and millions of dollars and won’t give a damn about my post. However I still have some good things and bad things to say.
Firstly, Spotify is great and I have been using it like forever ! I have even paid for the bad service. Not so bad after all.
Spotify recognizes the kind of music you want to listen to – although sometimes it repeats the tracks continuously. Besides, it makes me happy due to the fact that it does not use a lot of storage when downloading songs – contrary to iTunes Match that uses the double or even the triple.
Spotify is the kind of service that we all want and it is very simple: find good music, get it everywhere and get it simple.
The downside is: it does not have iPhone 6 Plus support ! Yessssss
It simple doesn’t.
The album covers do not show anymore and yea, it crashes ! Unlike other apps, it keeps crashing!
Come on! Spotify is better than this!
Everybody knows that a service only gets trustworthy when it is worried about customers !
Did I mention customers ? Spotify should be worried about customers ! Everything is about making money nowadays. We get money when working. However, a good service and many options are easy to find.
It has been months since everybody got the iPhone 6 Plus. Still, it is not optimized.
What a shame!
Unfortunately (or fortunately) many people just use their iPhones and do not care about simple thinks like the cover of an album or optimization ! They just want to listen to music and Spotify does it really well.
I am not simple, I want the best ! I bought the Plus! I bought the iPhone ! I want quality, safety and the best.

Spotify is 9 in terms of music (it repeats songs that you like constantly).
0 in terms of app – optimization is zero
3 in terms of feedback – I tried to contact them and they just copied and pasted it. No personalization. There wasn’t difference in belonging to Spotify or Rdio!

Pay attention: There was NO difference in subscribing Spotify or any other service like Rdio. Just one more service.

Spotify simply seemed to be average. I was expecting much more than that, though.

Am I going to still use it ? Yes, until Any other service makes me feel different.
Try to understand this Spotify: we are not stupid anymore, we have options and we want the best.

We pay a lot ! And we pay what we want ! We just want something in return: a good service.


iPhone 6 PLUS


iPhone 6 PLUS is certainly worth it. Yes! I have recently bought it! I was desperately looking for my new toy. It is huge! I wouldn’t certainly have bought the iPhone 6, though. Why? For many reasons!
First of all, iPhone 6 PLUS gives you a lot of more information, it shows more pictures ! Yes, it shows the picture in messages not to to mention the landscape mode! I just love it.
Battery? The battery is just awesome! It lasts like forever! I listen to music, type, watch videos and the iPhone is really there for me.
Size? Size does matter! I can see everything bigger, better and with a higher quality and resolution! What I mean is that everything is better.
What is Apple’s secret? Why do I have to buy the new iPhone ?
That’s just simple: it is more breathtaking! It doesn’t get stuck after some time! It runs smoothly! It is Apple. Period.
There is just one thing I am worried about: the bend issue. Does it really bend? Am I going to see it? Can I put it in my pocket? Should I carry it while going upstairs ? I hope not!
I just love my iPhone and I love everything Apple does. It is thin, big to read and the battery is very good.
Battery , that’s what I wanted!
Thank you Apple!


iOS 8

I just think Apple shouldn’t unveil the new changes before it is released to the public. I am not a developer and I really want to try the new iOS 8 as well the new OS X Yosemite !
I don’t know about you but I have already downloaded both wallpapers. Yes ! I did that !
OMG! Apple makes us buy more, want more and wish more ! I really like everything they announce. The new changes are nothing spectacular but they are the best.
I just feel that every update my iPhone looks new.
Picture this: you buy a super duper tv and you have updates for a year. You get happy with it. After that , no more updates and you think: my TV is getting old. This just doesn’t happy with Apple! iOS 8 will include almost all devices.
I really got surprised they are going to upgrade iPad 2! I love it ! I will just buy the new iPad when it comes with the Touch ID .
How could I live before Touch ID by the way ?
This is just something I want to get off my chest. I am waiting for the days go by fast to have the latest and best mobile operating system !
Btw , maybe I will break the system and install a beta.
Apple is wonderful.

iOS 8


Okay, not innovating! That’s probably because they wouldn’t change drastically again. The colors are the same, the design is the same and everything else is the same! Wait! Not everything else! The changes:
Photos: all the photos are better synced in all devices with the new iCloud Photo Library.
Camera has now more photo filters and editing tools. Besides, you have a new mode: time-lapse videos snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals. The result is a video should an accelerated sequence of the photos. The camera also has a timer.
The keyboard got better by suggesting appropriate words to complete your sentences.
Family Sharing makes it easy to share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. You can share limits before making purchases. You can pay for family purchases using a single credit card. This is good for kids or teenagers. Adults use their own cards although they have siblings.
Apple created iCloud drive which is similar to Dropbox. However it is much better than the latter for users who have more than one Apple device. Now you can start working in one app on iPhone and finish on iPad, for instance.
A new apple called Health was also added on iOS 8. Now it is possible to monitor heart rate and other health and fitness apps.
Spotlight also got better. Now you can search anything such as questions from Wikipedia, places nearby and trending news.
And my favorite feature is Messages. Now you can add voice to the conversations (24 new languages were added), send a video, start a group message, share your location and the best of all: now you can reply directly from the notification. See image below:


iOS 8 will not be compatible with iPhone 4 and will be coming this fall!

App Hints: Camera+ & Instagram

Sometimes we have to discover things by ourselves. These two stupid things are very useful.
Yesterday I wanted to take a picture but I wanted the timer not to take a selfie. I wanted to be in the middle of the landscape. Then I thought: does the iPhone camera app have a timer ? I checked the camera and I realized it doesn’t. For a minute I thought about an app I downloaded that could have a timer. Bingo! Camera+ !

In the app I can choose 5, 15 or 30 seconds before taking a picture. I got so glad I had bought this app! Besides, it has incredible effects, you can edit, crop, save, and the like.
If you need a timer, just buy the app!


While using Instagram I noticed that if I press Home:

It goes back to the beginning!
It is a simple hint but useful for those who do not know.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus: Review

The truth about Mophie


I recently bought another battery case for my iPhone 5s and this time it was not a cheap case you can find on eBay or another online store. I decided to buy the Mophie Juice Pack Plus – not the counterfeit product. There are many fake products on the web. You have to pay attention while buying from websites such as eBay and Amazon.  Just read the reviews and you will see whether they are genuine or not. Buying directly from the website Mophie won’t give you headache later on.

Even though this case is bulky, it will give you enough power to go through the day. I am a heavy user and I have to charge my iPhone at least twice a day. Sometimes I am not at home or at somewhere where I can charge my phone. That`s why I need a battery case where I can charge anywhere I am. The other cases that I bought were not compatible with iOS 7 and, therefore, error like this were common:


The solution: Mophie. Well, I haven’t even considering buying Mophie Helium because it won’t charge my iPhone 100%. Mophie Juice Pack Air, which is a little bit less bulky than Plus, does not charge 100% either.

I really do not understand why they claim Mophie Juice Pack Air can charge 100% when it is not even close. I bought one and used for 3 days. I couldn’t even get 60%. I contacted Mophie and I found out what I was doing wrong. You have to flick the button when you still have 20%. Ok, I did that! I got 86% without using the phone. Well, if I need to charge the phone, it is simply because I want to keep on using it. Simple like that! After 3 frustrating days, I passed Mophie on. After 2 months, I decided to give it another try – this time the most expansive in the market then – Mophie Juice Pack Plus.

As I like to use the phone until the battery drains, I thought that 120% would charge the phone from 0% to 100%. I was wrong again. I contacted Mophie again and the same answer:Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.38.31 PM

And once again I did what it was recommended. To my surprise, it finally charged 100% and there was still some juice left. What I don’t understand is that it is meant to charge 120%. Therefore, it should charge from 0% to 100% and I should even have 20% left.

Now, I am very satisfied with the product because it is the best there is. I tried many others, and many other famous brands such as Belking – which turned out to be a disaster!

I highly recommend Mophie Juice Pack Plus not only because it charges 100% but also because it retains battery while not using it.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is available in black, red and white colors, at a price of $119.95.


  • Adds hours of battery
  • Full-body protection
  • Cool
  • Sleek


  • Bulky
  • Expensive




iPhone 5s


Impressive again! That’s what I have to say about iPhone 5s. iPhone has always been in the wish list for many people. I have been noticing this more and more. Why? The robot (android) receives just one update or two, runs out of memory, gets slow and stuck! Why don’t you just buy an iPhone? HYPOCRISIES! Android is cheap, there are a lot of ads to make you buy it and most of people are using it. We’ll, I had to get it off my chest. Let’s just start talking about 5s.
It’s been some time since I bought my new iPhone and I – obviously – like it more than ever. It is buggy? – YES ! Is it slow? – NO ! Does it have a huge screen? – NO ! Is it intuitive ? – YES ! Does it disappoint you? – NO ! Does it make you addicted ? – YES !
Maybe that’s the worst part ! It makes you use it more and more !

iPhone 5s

I arrived at the store to buy the phone and there was a line – predictable ! I couldn’t wait to touch it and to feel all its potential. After 20 min I held it on my hands and couldn’t use it. I had to change my chip. SOME LONG MINUTES LATER , I started using it. The first thing I did was to add my fingerprint. It worked like a charm. It stills works (see below for comments). Everything fast, fast and fast.


Camera is better on iPhone 5s. It has the burst mode and the slo mo. The pictures are brighter and they seem more real. If you take a picture of a dish, it seems it is in front of you. The quality is certainly much better.

Touch ID

Touch ID works very well. It is so nice to purchase apps and unlock your phone using the Touch ID. However, it won’t work if you restart the iPhone or if you make a purchase after some hours, you have to use the passcode. Besides, in the Require Passcode setting, you can’t make it to 5,10 or 30 minutes anymore. It will ask you for the code or the fingerprint immediately which can be annoying sometimes.


It is the same ! It looks the same !
It feels the same!

The apps are still for iPhone 5 – no huge difference in speed – actually sometimes some apps open faster on iPhone 5. Yes! iPhone 5 boots almost at the same time as iPhone.
Wifi seems to load faster on iPhone 5 as well. iOS 7 is both great on iPhone 5 and 5s.

I rated the iPhone 5s in the following categories: iOS 7, performance, battery life, easy of use, screen size, camera, keyboard and sound.

Performance: 10
iOS 7: 8 – somewhat buggy
Battery life: 6 – better than iPhone 5
Easy of use: 9
Screen size: 9 – could be bigger
Camera: 10 – it does what it promises
to do
Keyboard: 9 – sometimes I press other buttons
Sound: 10 – high enough for a phone

My Score: 8.8

As you could see, the problem is the battery life. We all know smartphones require a lot of power but some other in the market come with a battery with at least 2000mAh while the iPhone 5s has only 1560mAh.

Should you buy it? definitely





Gif + Pic App


Last week I started searching for an app that I could view gifs and pictures at the same time. I spent hours and hours a day downloading all kinds of apps. I even bought one that was supposed to work. No luck !
Then I had an idea to search in the Top Charts – Paid, Free & Top Grossing. There was one named Safe Folder and I decided to give it a try. Then I added one picture and one gif image. To my surprise, it simply worked. I could view gifs and pictures on my iPhone. The app is simple, easy to use and you can even add videos! Its main purpose is to hide your videos and pictures. You can protect them by using a password in a clean and intuitive interface. I simply love it!
If you are looking for an app that you can play videos, gifs and see pictures, I highly recommend Safe Folder. The pro version allows you to: add as many albums and number of files per album as you want, import and play videos, import files using iTunes File Sharing and copy and paste files.
You can find the download link here.

Merry Xmas!! 🎅




iOs 7 & iPhone 5C / 5S




As you might already know the rumors about the iPhone 5C and 5S were true. Yes, apple did not bring any surprise for their customers – that’s what people are saying. No surprises? What about the better camera? The fingerprint identity sensor? The 64-bit processor? The phone is 40 times faster than the first. People that complain are mere customers and do not know how much time was spent to make the best phone ever.
iPhone 5S is a good phone and I will certainly buy it.

iOS 7

What I am excited about is the release of Apple’s iOs 7. I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about the most recent mobile operating system. Some really hated it while others simply loved it. I was one of those who really liked it. In my opinion, it is very simple: you don’t like it, just do not install it. Simple like that. However, I am pretty sure that everybody will install on the same day it is released and they will start complaining about the battery! Come on! iPhone is a smartphone and you simply use it! If the battery is dying just charge it. What’s the big deal? That’s it.