Galaxy S4


Alright, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 4 in New York on Thursday – with 5 inch screen, 2GB of RAM, Octa core processor, Android 4.2 and new features that are exclusively to the phone. You can do many more things with the phone but are they really necessary? What’s the point of so many features that probably you won’t use? To impress your friends? To brag about your latest Samsung mobile phone?
Apple’s iPhone is intuitive, fast (even using half of RAM), simple to use and classy.
OK, S4 is a good phone. You can customize the way you want. There are widgets, almost the same apps you can find for iPhone and the screen is bigger. Oh boy, do I really need a phone that big? It seems you are getting a tablet from your pocket. The first time I saw a phone so big I started laughing. What if apple releases a 5-inch model? Maybe I’ll change my mind.
Apps look better on the iPhone. If you like design, colors and style, get an iPhone. The same apps for Android look ugly. Just see for yourself. Besides, the apps always come on Apple store first and after some months you can find them on Google Play. Sorry.
iPhone 5 is definitely a great phone to have, the moment you touch and start using it you will fall in love. It is so funny to see that people who have Android enjoy comparing to iOS. They are different mobile operating systems. The former is still raw, it stops working, it is still slow – believe me recently I got an S3 and the apps opened seconds after the iPhone 5 – while the latter is sleek, natural, well-designed and fast.
There is not comparison between the phones. They serve different purposes. iPhone 5 was made for demanding customers that want the best in mobile industry.



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