iPad 2 – Is it still worth buying it?


Yes, it is. If you do not play games and if you just want to use your tablet to check you e-mail, browse on the web and read a book, iPad 2 is still a great choice for you.

Even though iPad 2 has its limitations, it is a good device to have in your house and maybe replace your old laptop. If you are not heavy user, iPad 2 is still the best option in the market. The touch screen works flawlessly and it is very accurate. Besides, it still has the recent updates from apple.

What about flash? Forget what other people are saying, iPad may not have flash but you can find apps that work just the same. You can open websites that need flash on your iPad.

The cameras on iPad 2, however, do not have a good quality. While the front camera is still VGA, The quality is good for video conferencing. The problem is when you want to take a nice picture using the rear camera which is less than 1 megapixel. The pictures do not look good and there is not flash.

Should I buy the iPad 2?

Yes, if you like a good quality product and do not mind having the second generation iPad without retina display. iPad 2 is still great for those who want to experience all that a tablet has to offer.


• Cheap
• Easy to use
• 2 cameras
• Good battery life
• Tons of apps
• Still fast enough
• Thinner and lighter design

• No retina display
• No Siri
• Now you can only purchase the 12GB model
• It comes with the 30 pin connector

Check out the video below to see how iPad 2 can still be fast. The only app that took some time to open was the App Store. It demanded more from its processor, maybe because of the new iOS 6.1.2.

iPad 2


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