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Yes, iOS may be 5 years old and everybody is aware of that. However, with every update, there are new features such as Siri, Facebook and Twitter integration, notification center and so on.
Today Blackberry’s chief executive says that Apple is not innovating as quickly as it should and that iOS is old. Come on Blackberry! Do you think you are innovating? Nobody has Blackberry anymore. Just for you to know. Is that innovating? I don’t think so.


Google Reader

Last week Google announced the shutdown of Google Reader. For some, it didn’t make any difference, others, however, got confused with the news. There is nothing to worry about. There are many alternatives and one of them is the app called Feedly.

In this link you can find a nice review of the app.

I, however, recommend Reeder which is very easy to use and it has all the features you may need. Just go for it!



Google appears to be releasing an app similar to the Apple’s Newsstand. Google, stop copying.

Apple’s next iPhone

There are many rumors about the new iPhone. What are you expecting from the next generation? Of course they will improve the processor, maybe the camera and iOS 7 will be better, hopefully. It is already a great phone! So, stop expecting and use all the features it has to offer. And by the way, iPhone is not limited as people think. You can use flash (just download an app) and you can download songs and videos. I have recently heard that some people don’t buy it because of its limitation. What? Please…


The Facebook app for iPhone, iPod and iPad has been updated to version 5.6 which lets users to edit cover photos and makes messaging easier. Just get the update.



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