Apple being sued over in-app purchases


I read news everyday in many apps on iPhone such as Twitter, Google+, WordPress and even on Facebook. What I can notice is that they are always the same. What will the new iOS be like? Let’s compare the latest Samsung mobile phone with its predecessor, etc. Ok. News is news. What really annoys me is to read news about in-app purchases. I mean, parents who sue apple because their children spent thousands of dollars. They claim that a game for kids must not contain in-app purchases because it induces children to spend money to skip a level, for instant. Come on!!!!! If you do not want your kids to buy apps on the tablet , just delete your account. You can also block the in-app purchases and simply do not give your credit card number. How simple is that? It is so easy to get easy money! Why don’t you try and work hard so you can get a lot of money yourself?




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