Battery Drain


Ok, everybody knows that battery doesn’t last on smartphones. They just drain after some hours of hard use. You just have to get used to having your charger, battery case or whatever you are carrying with you to make it last. Therefore , let’s stop being hypocrites and think that every iOS update there is a battery drain. They just drain because you use it a lot! There are many articles giving tips to extend you iPhone or mobile phone battery life. Let’s just see some of them:

Turn on auto brightness: ok I agree with this one. It’s good when you are reading on a dark place.

Reduce screen brightness: the same ! I agree.

Turn Bluetooth off: ok you are not using Bluetooth why the hell is it on in the first place?

Turn off 3G / 4G: please , don’t make me laugh. What’s the point of having a smartphone if you have to turn it off? Just buy an old phone.

Keep wifi off: really? If you can have wifi in certain places, why should I turn it off?

Fetch email less often: what? I need to check my emails! That’s why I have a smartphone!

The bottom line

If you want to take the most of your smartphone just use it and charge it. I really don’t understand why people want to change its settings. It is a smartphone. It is smart. It is a “computer”. I am happy to just charge after 8 hours. When using an ordinary computer I have to charge it every 2 hours.

Think about that! And DRAIN your battery.

I just love my iPhone 5 😉


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