Facebook may harm those with low self-esteem


Probably you like to share what you are doing, your nice pictures and opinions on Facebook and you have already added people you do not even know just to talk about what you’ve got the best. That’s great! As a “reward” you get more likes on the social network. The fact that it doesn’t have the not like button seems to help a lot.
However, a survey at University of Waterloo (Canada) revealed that people who have low self-esteem tend to post negative and pessimistic comments about their own lives. Therefore, they will be considered boring and irritating.
We have to confess it is very easy to speak your mind when you do not know most of the people on the social network. Not talking to the people personally is also very helpful.
Thus, be careful when posting negative comments on any social network. Social networks are meant to be funny, joyful and distracting. No one wants to hear you whine.



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