Iphone vs. Android phones


Everybody knows I simply love my iPhone 5. I think I tell my friends almost everyday. I do everything I want and I need with it. I even blog! Despite of being a perfect phone (be honest – iPhone makes the difference), I have been reading and watching many interesting things about Android phones that are also enchanting and I couldn’t let it pass.
This afternoon, for instance, Facebook announced a new app called Facebook Home that replaces the standard Android home screen with Facebook experience such as notifications, status updates, screen photos, etc. This update, however, will be available to users with Android Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich – I really don’t like the names of Android’s operating system.
Alright, that is very sweet! What about apple? Maybe in the future. Android users only. Live with that!
The thing is: iOS really seems to be out-to-date. You must agree with me: everybody wants new things. We have to touch, experience, explore new products. Probably we just buy a new generation iPhone just to try the new features that others do not have.
I really have to confess: I used to have an iPhone 4 and just loved Siri when it was announced. I couldn’t wait to have the 4S or 5 just to talk to her. Do I use it now? NO! But I have the latest model.
I really hope iOS 7 brings new and interesting features for us – users – to enjoy the most of it. Period.





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