Mobile Operating Systems


I really don’t understand why people still bother to compare mobile operating systems. Do I still have to tell them that there’s no comparison?
Today I was reading a terrible article that said the future now is Android phones and it is up to others to fight because Android phones are selling like water.
Come on! No comment!
And the worst is: it is the conclusion of a survey that indicates that a growing number of the Google system is going to dominate the market, including all types of devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.
They also say that the second rank is Apple and Microsoft in the next years. What? The second rank?
Everybody is aware that iPhone counts on Apple only. Android, please, don’t make me cry.
To sum up, Android is not a brand. Android is an operating system used by a lot of brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony and LG – just to name a few.
How come is this going to be a competition?
There is no competition. Apple is IOS and Android is the rest. Simple like that!
There is no competition when there are cheap and many phones running Android and there is just one phone running iOS.
Get a life!



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