I am sorry if I am being repetitive, but I still think iPhone is the best. Today I was having a get together with my friend and he, obviously had an android phone – everybody has, showed me a video. I really like his phone: fast, powerful, Samsung (I respect), a lot of space and the like. However when he was showing me one of his videos , the image wasn’t accurate when he turned the phone, it looked crooked or something like that. He just said: it always happens. Of course we laughed and of course I understood. If iPhone crashed and started again I would have done the same. I simply do not want a phone to behave that way. Who does? Mainly a phone that I have to say: it happens! iPhone never , NEVER crashed with me!
Ok I have to confess that sometimes the app closes, all of a sudden, when I am using it. Is it all the time? Not for me. It is just because of iOS 6 that sucks and we all agree on that – I hope.
Let me ask you: how much is a second or two? Not much. But when you are trying to show something is a lot. It always happens with Android. It always takes seconds to open. What about Apple? No. It opens flawlessly. I am a happy customer.
I take nice pictures, I chat, I send messages, I do what I want. I am happy. The bottom line is: buy a simple phone and be ashamed. Buy an expensive and responsive phone and be proud! That’s all! No more to say.



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