Is change always good?


What I really don’t understand is why people are always rushing for changes. I have to agree changes are good but there is always someone to criticize. For instance, it seems that people did not like the new Windows interface. Alright, I didn’t either. I just want to use the desktop. Ok, I think I am complaining. My point is, iOS 7 is coming and maybe there won’t be major changes and you just have accept that.
Just picture a difficult mobile operating system to use full of widgets? Do you want that for iOS 7? I don’t. It may be simple but I like it and it is very easy to use. We all want things to simplify our lives not to complicate.
Therefore, if iOS 7 changes for better, be happy. If not, do not complain: you asked for it. What about it stays the same? Just use it.



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