iOS, Android & Windows phones

Undoubtedly there are 3 major mobile operating systems in the market. They are: iOS, Android and Windows.
However, which one is the most favorite? Which one is the most used?
I have to admit that almost everybody has Android regardless of the brand: Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and so on. A few have Windows phone and some others have iPhone. That’s what I can see on the streets. Is that true, though?
When I talked to a friend of mine he told me he got impressed when he saw that almost everybody had Samsung Galaxy SIII in a restaurant. He didn’t see anyone carrying an iPhone or a Windows phone. Why is that so?
Is iPhone expensive? Isn’t Windows phone’s operating system intuitive?
My guess is that Android phones are released everyday and they come from the cheapest to the most expensive that embrace all users.

Therefore, I would like you to answer this quick survey (just one question) to check if that’s true.

Click here to answer the survey.





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