Galaxy S4


Today I had the pleasure to use a Galaxy S4 for some time. I have to confess: it does look rich even though its back is made of plastic. The battery is also very good and it can last a full day without charging. If you constantly use your phone you may want to turn on Power Saving Mode and Turn Off the Extra Features, both in the notification area.
The new features are very interesting. It is so nice to answer the phone with the wave of a hand.
The TV remote is also great. You can turn up the volume, change channels with the built-in app from Samsung. What I like about it is that you can use one profile by room. You can set a profile for the living room and another for the bedroom. There are many TV models.
In general the phone is very good and it impresses people. The only setback is that it is slow sometimes while opening some apps.

The good

* Nice design
* It looks
* It is fast – most of the time

The bad

* It is slow while opening some apps such as photo and phone
* Settings are not intuitive

The bottom line

I definitely recommend this device for all users. If you like Android, you will enjoy the most of it.


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