iPhone 5 shutting down at 10%


One thing I’ve noticed this week was the performance of iPhone 5’s battery. I mean, it is not draining fast and it is reasonably good. It is actually getting better and better – of course there are some tricks. You can find it here.
The problem is that the phone shuts off even if it has 10% or 7% of battery left. I tried everything I could to solve this problem: I read about it and did everything people recommended. They are as follows:
1. Hard reset your phone by holding both the home and sleep/wake button at the same time.
2. Turn off Bluetooth (it’s never on)
3. Quit many of the apps open
4. Drain the battery and recharge to 100%, let the phone die and do the same until the problem is solved.

And if none of the above work 5. try restoring the phone using iTunes.
The problem is that these tips do not solve the problem. It always shuts off after 5%.

Some people say it is because of the 3G coverage which uses a lot of battery while others say it might be due to the most recent iOS. I am puzzled now because it used to work properly, it just started happening. Maybe the battery is not good anymore, maybe it is temporary or the phone is just temperamental.
Just do not bother restoring your phone or doing any other of the things mentioned. You will just waste your time. Just keep using your phone and when it shuts down, just plug it. In the future you won’t even notice.


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