Mophie juice pack air – iPhone 5



I have bought recently a copy of Mophie juice pack air for iPhone 5 and tested for a few days. It is a nice and well-built product and it will certainly give a little extra battery power for iPhone 5 users. And I literally mean little. I thought that with 1700mAh of extra power I could fully charge my device. I was totally wrong. After testing it for days what I could get was not more than 80% of battery – the test was made with an empty battery and not with 20% that Mophie recommends. Of course I would have fully charged my device if I had flipped the standby switch to green. I am just an annoying customer who wants to drain my battery – it is good to calibrate the iPhone battery. Truly disappointed!
The other thing I noticed once I started using the battery pack is that it is bulky. After a few minutes the battery case annoyed me so much that I decided to stop using it. People say that it doesn’t add extra bulk to the phone. However, in my opinion, it is very bulky and uncomfortable to use. Later that day I started using it again for review purposes only. iPhone 5 is so well-designed that adding cases makes it lose its charm and glamour. The other day I went out and my friend asked: what happened to your phone? Why is it too big? Disappointed again!
I do have to confess it makes the sound richer and louder – and that’s it.

The good

* it adds battery life
* it is easy to use
* richer sound quality

The bad

* it is bulky
* it doesn’t fully charge your device
* it does not look pretty

Bottom line

I have to agree that I was expecting much more for a device like this. For now, I do not recommend and I think all the iPhone 5 users have to stay away from it. Of course, it didn’t work for me. I want to charge my phone fully and I do not any kind of bulk. If it doesn’t matter, just get one. 😉






One thought on “Mophie juice pack air – iPhone 5

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