iOS 7


I promised I wouldn’t talk about iOS 7 but I can’t help it. I am always for new updates and I think they are way better. However, some people find it strange at first and start criticizing instantly. Ok iOS 7 has just been released for developers and it is a BETA version. Why don’t you just understand it? iOS 7 has many new features and it looks pretty to me.
What I really don’t understand is that the same people who are saying bad things about it will simply love it in fall.
What I like the most is the notification center and the new layout. Wow! It is beautiful. We needed some change and we needed something new to play with.
Therefore, stop complaining! I just have a piece of advise: for those who aren’t using the iOS 7, just enjoy the few months with this archaic mobile operating system. For those who are using iOS 7, remember: it is a beta!
P.s. if you don’t like the iOS 7 there is a simple solution: DO NOT UPDATE IT! Simple like that! Keep on using iOS 6 while everyone else is using their new and nice mobile operating system and feel inferior and silly. One year later nobody will even remember there was iOS 6 because they will be so used to the new update. That’s technology. Period.



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