iOs 7 & iPhone 5C / 5S




As you might already know the rumors about the iPhone 5C and 5S were true. Yes, apple did not bring any surprise for their customers – that’s what people are saying. No surprises? What about the better camera? The fingerprint identity sensor? The 64-bit processor? The phone is 40 times faster than the first. People that complain are mere customers and do not know how much time was spent to make the best phone ever.
iPhone 5S is a good phone and I will certainly buy it.

iOS 7

What I am excited about is the release of Apple’s iOs 7. I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about the most recent mobile operating system. Some really hated it while others simply loved it. I was one of those who really liked it. In my opinion, it is very simple: you don’t like it, just do not install it. Simple like that. However, I am pretty sure that everybody will install on the same day it is released and they will start complaining about the battery! Come on! iPhone is a smartphone and you simply use it! If the battery is dying just charge it. What’s the big deal? That’s it.



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