Gif + Pic App


Last week I started searching for an app that I could view gifs and pictures at the same time. I spent hours and hours a day downloading all kinds of apps. I even bought one that was supposed to work. No luck !
Then I had an idea to search in the Top Charts – Paid, Free & Top Grossing. There was one named Safe Folder and I decided to give it a try. Then I added one picture and one gif image. To my surprise, it simply worked. I could view gifs and pictures on my iPhone. The app is simple, easy to use and you can even add videos! Its main purpose is to hide your videos and pictures. You can protect them by using a password in a clean and intuitive interface. I simply love it!
If you are looking for an app that you can play videos, gifs and see pictures, I highly recommend Safe Folder. The pro version allows you to: add as many albums and number of files per album as you want, import and play videos, import files using iTunes File Sharing and copy and paste files.
You can find the download link here.

Merry Xmas!! 🎅





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