iPhone 5s


Impressive again! That’s what I have to say about iPhone 5s. iPhone has always been in the wish list for many people. I have been noticing this more and more. Why? The robot (android) receives just one update or two, runs out of memory, gets slow and stuck! Why don’t you just buy an iPhone? HYPOCRISIES! Android is cheap, there are a lot of ads to make you buy it and most of people are using it. We’ll, I had to get it off my chest. Let’s just start talking about 5s.
It’s been some time since I bought my new iPhone and I – obviously – like it more than ever. It is buggy? – YES ! Is it slow? – NO ! Does it have a huge screen? – NO ! Is it intuitive ? – YES ! Does it disappoint you? – NO ! Does it make you addicted ? – YES !
Maybe that’s the worst part ! It makes you use it more and more !

iPhone 5s

I arrived at the store to buy the phone and there was a line – predictable ! I couldn’t wait to touch it and to feel all its potential. After 20 min I held it on my hands and couldn’t use it. I had to change my chip. SOME LONG MINUTES LATER , I started using it. The first thing I did was to add my fingerprint. It worked like a charm. It stills works (see below for comments). Everything fast, fast and fast.


Camera is better on iPhone 5s. It has the burst mode and the slo mo. The pictures are brighter and they seem more real. If you take a picture of a dish, it seems it is in front of you. The quality is certainly much better.

Touch ID

Touch ID works very well. It is so nice to purchase apps and unlock your phone using the Touch ID. However, it won’t work if you restart the iPhone or if you make a purchase after some hours, you have to use the passcode. Besides, in the Require Passcode setting, you can’t make it to 5,10 or 30 minutes anymore. It will ask you for the code or the fingerprint immediately which can be annoying sometimes.


It is the same ! It looks the same !
It feels the same!

The apps are still for iPhone 5 – no huge difference in speed – actually sometimes some apps open faster on iPhone 5. Yes! iPhone 5 boots almost at the same time as iPhone.
Wifi seems to load faster on iPhone 5 as well. iOS 7 is both great on iPhone 5 and 5s.

I rated the iPhone 5s in the following categories: iOS 7, performance, battery life, easy of use, screen size, camera, keyboard and sound.

Performance: 10
iOS 7: 8 – somewhat buggy
Battery life: 6 – better than iPhone 5
Easy of use: 9
Screen size: 9 – could be bigger
Camera: 10 – it does what it promises
to do
Keyboard: 9 – sometimes I press other buttons
Sound: 10 – high enough for a phone

My Score: 8.8

As you could see, the problem is the battery life. We all know smartphones require a lot of power but some other in the market come with a battery with at least 2000mAh while the iPhone 5s has only 1560mAh.

Should you buy it? definitely






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