iOS 8


Okay, not innovating! That’s probably because they wouldn’t change drastically again. The colors are the same, the design is the same and everything else is the same! Wait! Not everything else! The changes:
Photos: all the photos are better synced in all devices with the new iCloud Photo Library.
Camera has now more photo filters and editing tools. Besides, you have a new mode: time-lapse videos snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals. The result is a video should an accelerated sequence of the photos. The camera also has a timer.
The keyboard got better by suggesting appropriate words to complete your sentences.
Family Sharing makes it easy to share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. You can share limits before making purchases. You can pay for family purchases using a single credit card. This is good for kids or teenagers. Adults use their own cards although they have siblings.
Apple created iCloud drive which is similar to Dropbox. However it is much better than the latter for users who have more than one Apple device. Now you can start working in one app on iPhone and finish on iPad, for instance.
A new apple called Health was also added on iOS 8. Now it is possible to monitor heart rate and other health and fitness apps.
Spotlight also got better. Now you can search anything such as questions from Wikipedia, places nearby and trending news.
And my favorite feature is Messages. Now you can add voice to the conversations (24 new languages were added), send a video, start a group message, share your location and the best of all: now you can reply directly from the notification. See image below:


iOS 8 will not be compatible with iPhone 4 and will be coming this fall!


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