iOS 8

I just think Apple shouldn’t unveil the new changes before it is released to the public. I am not a developer and I really want to try the new iOS 8 as well the new OS X Yosemite !
I don’t know about you but I have already downloaded both wallpapers. Yes ! I did that !
OMG! Apple makes us buy more, want more and wish more ! I really like everything they announce. The new changes are nothing spectacular but they are the best.
I just feel that every update my iPhone looks new.
Picture this: you buy a super duper tv and you have updates for a year. You get happy with it. After that , no more updates and you think: my TV is getting old. This just doesn’t happy with Apple! iOS 8 will include almost all devices.
I really got surprised they are going to upgrade iPad 2! I love it ! I will just buy the new iPad when it comes with the Touch ID .
How could I live before Touch ID by the way ?
This is just something I want to get off my chest. I am waiting for the days go by fast to have the latest and best mobile operating system !
Btw , maybe I will break the system and install a beta.
Apple is wonderful.


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