iPhone 6 PLUS


iPhone 6 PLUS is certainly worth it. Yes! I have recently bought it! I was desperately looking for my new toy. It is huge! I wouldn’t certainly have bought the iPhone 6, though. Why? For many reasons!
First of all, iPhone 6 PLUS gives you a lot of more information, it shows more pictures ! Yes, it shows the picture in messages not to to mention the landscape mode! I just love it.
Battery? The battery is just awesome! It lasts like forever! I listen to music, type, watch videos and the iPhone is really there for me.
Size? Size does matter! I can see everything bigger, better and with a higher quality and resolution! What I mean is that everything is better.
What is Apple’s secret? Why do I have to buy the new iPhone ?
That’s just simple: it is more breathtaking! It doesn’t get stuck after some time! It runs smoothly! It is Apple. Period.
There is just one thing I am worried about: the bend issue. Does it really bend? Am I going to see it? Can I put it in my pocket? Should I carry it while going upstairs ? I hope not!
I just love my iPhone and I love everything Apple does. It is thin, big to read and the battery is very good.
Battery , that’s what I wanted!
Thank you Apple!



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