First of all I would like to say: my blog isn’t huge! I know ! And second of all: Spotify has millions and millions of dollars and won’t give a damn about my post. However I still have some good things and bad things to say.
Firstly, Spotify is great and I have been using it like forever ! I have even paid for the bad service. Not so bad after all.
Spotify recognizes the kind of music you want to listen to – although sometimes it repeats the tracks continuously. Besides, it makes me happy due to the fact that it does not use a lot of storage when downloading songs – contrary to iTunes Match that uses the double or even the triple.
Spotify is the kind of service that we all want and it is very simple: find good music, get it everywhere and get it simple.
The downside is: it does not have iPhone 6 Plus support ! Yessssss
It simple doesn’t.
The album covers do not show anymore and yea, it crashes ! Unlike other apps, it keeps crashing!
Come on! Spotify is better than this!
Everybody knows that a service only gets trustworthy when it is worried about customers !
Did I mention customers ? Spotify should be worried about customers ! Everything is about making money nowadays. We get money when working. However, a good service and many options are easy to find.
It has been months since everybody got the iPhone 6 Plus. Still, it is not optimized.
What a shame!
Unfortunately (or fortunately) many people just use their iPhones and do not care about simple thinks like the cover of an album or optimization ! They just want to listen to music and Spotify does it really well.
I am not simple, I want the best ! I bought the Plus! I bought the iPhone ! I want quality, safety and the best.

Spotify is 9 in terms of music (it repeats songs that you like constantly).
0 in terms of app – optimization is zero
3 in terms of feedback – I tried to contact them and they just copied and pasted it. No personalization. There wasn’t difference in belonging to Spotify or Rdio!

Pay attention: There was NO difference in subscribing Spotify or any other service like Rdio. Just one more service.

Spotify simply seemed to be average. I was expecting much more than that, though.

Am I going to still use it ? Yes, until Any other service makes me feel different.
Try to understand this Spotify: we are not stupid anymore, we have options and we want the best.

We pay a lot ! And we pay what we want ! We just want something in return: a good service.



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